About me

And why you should discover Indonesia with me?

Hi there, I would like to invite you to go together with me on a journey of discovering Indonesia.
Find on this website information that can help you when visiting this beautiful country.

I am Marco Rensen, a half Indonesian and half Dutch guy in his early twenties. As I grew up in the Netherlands I didn’t get really in touch with my Indonesian roots. Until I got the chance to really visit Indonesia at the age of 20. After that my whole life would be changed.

2016: the year of change

In 2016 after 14 years not been to Indonesia, the opportunity finally presented itself. I would go to Indonesia. After saving a whole year and working 7 days a week I made it. I saved enough for a 4-month trip and with a special agreement at my work I could still come back fulfilling the same job as before.

New perspectives

Beginning this trip with some basic knowledge of Indonesia I started my journey. I started to notice how lucky I am to have a mother that speaks the Indonesian language and knows some common practices of Indonesia. Many things she taught and told me before made my trip even more special. Even though she told me things that prepared me, but still, many perspectives I had before would change.
For example: before my trip I only knew the small family I had in the Netherlands. Once I came in contact with the lovely family I had in Indonesia, conceptions about what family is about changed in an instant. I still should say, besides my father, grandfather and grandmother and many aunts I got much more family in Indonesia. Even till today I still haven’t yet met all of them.

Love for Indonesia needs to be shared

In this 4 months, I fell in love with this beautiful country. Thanks to my family, friends and of course my mother I was able to discover and experience Indonesia in a way that I believe many people don’t do. This idea of people not knowing things that will in the end make their trip that much more enjoyable motivated me to build this website. Always wanting to learn, having fun to create things and helping others comes all together with this website. Also having a way to share my experiences gives me the motivation to keep discovering Indonesia.

Making my goal to get to know my roots and share all the beauty that Indonesia has to offer. I feel lucky to have this opportunity to share my experience with you. My journey has just started and it seems there is no stopping now. Will you join me discovering Indonesia?

MarcoRensen.com all about…

With MarcoRensen.com I will share my experience and information of Indonesia in an easy way. I will make this website clean and understandable so it is enjoyable to read my articles. The website contains 5 main categories. This should make it easy for you to find what you are looking for: TravelNature and ArchitectureFoodPeople and History.

If you ever have any ideas, tips or advice for this website I am happy to listen to you.

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